24 julio 2008

P2P, bigchampagne and top of the pops

People has never comsume so many media (music, film, tv, etc) on the internet. However old business models around media are declining sharply.

This paradox has a short explanation: P2P.

More exactly, wherever you find a digital content, people will share it(legally or not) with thousands of people.

Lets imagine in the 70's a law which prohibits using the same software in more than one company/client (it means all the different companies should have tailor made software), and imagine that a new disruptive technology (floppy disks) would arrive. Now copying files was so easy as to copy a floppy disk. And the temptation (or the common sense) of copying software emerges. What should be done, passing new laws for making copying (even paying) software harder or regulating new business models.

Tailor made software industry could argue in that situation that creating off-the-self software would impact on the economy, could result on lots of unemployed people and the innovation and creativity would be flattened, isn't it?.

In the real world we have found the solution for this dilemma on hypothetic software model. There are a tailor made software industry and a off-the self software industry and some other models. all of them compete freely on the market.

But today we lack of the same solution for digital contents.

Current regulations come from from the analogue era. But a new technology generation has passed, and the industry based on analogue business models claim against P2P the same points as the previous example.

"Culture would be destroyed, lots of unemployed people would result for not forbidding it, some taxes should be imposed for preserving present industry, etc, etc", everything against P2P.

On one hand (software example) we live in the real world where tailor made, off-the-self software and other approaches compete for the market.

On the other hand media industry is living the same paradox and is 'claiming for their rights!!'
But other people are facing changes by saying."hey guy!, lets look what people is sharing on P2P networks. Maybe it could be interesting, or profitable indeed!"

Exactly, this is bigchampagne. They provide insight information about what people is sharing on P2P networks, including, video, music, software, TV and games.

itunes demostrated that new business models are emerging for the digital content industry. Bigchampagne is currently the 'equivalent' (or just similar) to the top of the pops in the P2P networks.

Lots of new business models are coming for sure because of P2P. In a place where millions of people are, (P2P networks), I am definitely sure that business models will emerge.

But you have to look for them!.

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