22 noviembre 2008

The one who was like us but could fly though

Part of the book “Illusions” from Richard Bach

(it is my own translation from the Spanish book, very sorry for mistreating English language so much)


“And the man answered this way:

“There was a time when a people lived on the bed of a large crystalline river

“The flow of the river flowed silently over all the inhabitants: Young and elder, rich and poor, good and bad, and the flow went on its way, foreign to anything but its own crystalline existence.

“Every creature was grasping any little bush or rock on the river bed, because the only way of live they knew was grasping and because since they were born, everyone has learned to bear the river flow

“But one day, a creature said: “I have already enough of grasping and grasping all the time, although I don’t see it, I hope the river flow knows where to go. I will stop grasping and let myself go wherever the river flow takes me. If I stay here longer, I will die of boring

“Other creatures laughed and screamed: ‘Stupid! If you let yourself go, the river flow will throw you to the rocks and you will die sooner than of your boring

“But the first creature although have listened all, breathed deeply and let herself go; immediately the flow threw her against the rocks

“But the creature didn’t give up and the flow arose her from the bed river to the surface and she was not hurt anymore.

“And some creatures living on the bed river who didn’t know her, shouted: “Look at this! A creature like us, however she can fly!”

“And the one who was running along the river flow answered: ‘River can arise us on condition that we dare to let us go. Our true goal is this journey, this adventure”

“But they kept shouting even louder grasping more and more the rocks. And when they looked at the surface above them, nobody was there anymore and they stayed on their own, telling stories and legends about that creature who was like them but did have the ability to fly”


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