30 abril 2009

Project management by common sense

Let me share some of the common sense principles I (try to) apply in my activity as project manager:

- keep the project as simple as possible: this the most important and the most difficult principle to keep.

- put together a compelling selling message: stakeholders must buy in the project.

- a delivery project is completely different that an analysis and research undertaking.

- not everybody must be involved in everything: democracy does not work for project management

- talk to every stakeholder in the language they can fully understand.

- take into account opinion from those who are talking about their previous expirience or sound knowledge, otherwise just listen.

- show a milestone plan at the very beginning of the project.

- repeat the name of the project as much as possible can in the initial meetings.

- none else but the project manager must make decissions, (s)he will be accountable for them.

... to be continued ....

(Will this post give me any PDUs? ;-)

Mariano Blaya

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