25 enero 2010

Most popular applications on Android Market

If you go to Android Market app and look fort the most popular applications, you will find the following ordered list:

  1. Weather Channel
  2. Facebook
  3. MySpace
  4. Backgrounds
  5. Ringtones
  6. DailyHoroscope
  7. Barcode Scanner
  8. ShopSavvy
Note that this list does not include the preinstalled Google apps like Gmail, Gtalk and so on.
The above list reflects the number of downloads but not the usage of the application, that means, it reflects what the Android user community consider interesting upfront.

The first in the list is about weather news and forecast, the favourite conversation topic for the elevator, for the office, for new friends … sometimes the weather is relevant for you, to drive to the office, to plan holidays, trips … and some other times is relevant only to be informed and have some specific piece of information, like “tomorrow the low will be -11 C” you will catch people’s attention with those statements.

Second is about social networks, to keep yourself up to date with your friend’s activity and post your activity, using your mobile … upload pictures on the move, change your status at the airport while waiting for a delayed flight and some others but I believe most of the usage of social networks is in front of your PC.

Then, we have a couple of applications to tune the handset with nice ringtones an beautiful background pictures.

The Horoscope is also a very popular conversation topic, specially among women ;-) so it is funny to know what your and other people horoscope can tell you about today.

At the bottom of this list, there are two versions of a “showing off” application, the concept is amazingly creative and, in principle, very helpful … the application manages to take a picture of a product bar code, read the code and google it and most probably it will come up with some product information together with the price in other shops. This way, the user is better informed before the purchase is closed.
I said this application is “showing off” because I know many people who downloaded and know how to use it but I have never seen anyone actually using it while shopping.

I would be interested in taking a look at usage statistics to see how many of the most downloaded are the most used … keep you posted.

17 enero 2010

Cómo se paga al médico

Aqui en Alemania, cuando vas al médico "por lo privado", después de la visita, no tienes que pagar, ellos, simplemente, te envían una factura a la dirección que tú mismo hayas apuntado en el formulario. No piden tarjeta de crédito, ni cuenta bancaria, confían en que cuando te llegue la factura, pagarás.

¿A donde miramos antes de cruzar una calle con semaforo de peatones ?

(Vamos a generalizar un rato, que es divertido ....)

Vas a cruzar una calle con semáforo para peatones y ves que esta en rojo, ¿qué haces?

En Alemania, sigues mirando al frente, hasta que se pone en verde, entonces cruzas y sigues mirando al frente ya que estas seguro al 100% de que los coches respetarán su semáforo.

En España, miras a los lados para ver si no vienen coches y te da tiempo a cruzar, si no ves oportunidad, esperas hasta que se ponga en verde y, mientras cruzas, sigues mirando al lado por el que vienen los coches por si alguno se despista.