13 mayo 2010

PMI Global Congress EMEA - Milano May 2010

I attended the PMI Global Congress EMEA in Milano, 10th, 11th and 12th of May.

Here it is the list of conferences I selected from the program:
- Benefits of Risk Analysis. Speaker: Wesley Gillette. My post on it.
- Creating internal project management communities: experiences from government and private sectors. Speakers: Robert Maclaren, Michael Söderberg. My post on it.
- Managing virtual project teams by using technology. Speaker: Thomas J. Mattus
- Too many cookd spoil the broth, or maybe not ? Speakers: Konstantinous A. Kirytopoulos, Dimitra Voulgaridou
- The PMO as a centre of excellence: virtual community or physical unit ? Speakers: Maria Cristina Barbero, Giuseppina Copetti.
- Project complexity: the stakholders' world. Speakers: Walter Ginevri, Maria Moresco
- Extreme project management in Telco industry. Speakers: Francesco Ludovico, Francesco Petrarca
- Pros and cons of Agile project management methods, from an experienced project manager's viewpoint. Speakers: Mattias Georgson Petren, Bjorn Granvik
- Project modular risk-based closure process. Speaker: Olivier Lazar.

More than 800 people from 57 countries attended the congress and the countries with higher participation were Italy, USA, Germany, Switzerland and France.

I also participated for two days in the Translation Verification of some PMI questionnaires from English to Spanish.

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Nathaniel @ pmi project management dijo...

It's great that you are sharing what are the things taught during the pmi global congress. It's really interesting.

Thanks for sharing this post. I have learned a lot!