25 agosto 2010

Scrum: agile project management framework

Scrum is one of the agile project management frameworks, focussed on product development and, in particular, becoming relevant in software development, bringing flexibility and speed to the process.

--- The framework describes three roles with direct involvement, also called Pigs: Product Owner, Facilitator and Team.
:- The Product Owner is the link between the team and the business/customer. He/she sets priorities and writes requirements.
:- The
Facilitator or ScrumMaster removes impediments that hinder team to deliver goals.
:- The
Team develops and delivers the Product.
There is also Stakeholders, who justify the production, and Managers, who set up the environment. Both roles are known as Chickens.
It looks easy, doesn't it? And also it makes perfect sense.

--- Regarding the process, Scrum defines the meetings that should take place.
:- Daily Scrum meeting is held every day at the same time and same place, starts precisely on time and is timeboxed to 15 minutes. During the meeting, every team member covers three topics: progress since last meeting, job to do today and impediments preventing them from meeting their goals.
:- Post Scrum meeting is also held every day after the daily scrum, only one person per team attends and goes through issues on overlapping and integration areas. Meeting agenda is almost same as Daily Scrum's.
:- A key meeting of the process is the Sprint Planning Meeting, held at the beginning of the Sprint to define and plan the work to be done during the Sprint (typically a 7 to 30 working days period)
:- At the end of the Sprint, a Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective Meetings are held to review the work done and raise process improvements.

--- As means of documentation, communication and reporting, three artifacts are used:
:- Product backlog: high level document with the requirements for the entire project and rough effort estimates. It is owned by the Product Owner.
Sprint backlog: gathers detailed information on the next Sprint, consisting of four to sixteen work hours effort tasks. It is owned by the Team.
Burn down: shows the remaining work of the current Sprint.

These notes are based on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scrum_(development) article and are not intending to amend or correct it.