12 octubre 2010


As I already told in this blog, Calendariolibre.com has been promoting open source related events for quite a while and every event created in the Ushahidi platform is sent across some other social networks:
Although the main purpose of calendariolibre.com was, and still is, to promote and make those events visible, we thought we could give more value to our followers telling them what is going on in the open knowledge area, adding some headlines news on open source software and hardware, open government, open data ... open knowledge, in general.
We searched for an existing and similar news aggregator and, since they did not reply to our collaboration offer, we decided to do it by ourselves and did set up noticias.calendariolibre.com using tumblr as the underlying blogging platform and dlvr.it to manage the rss feeds.
How it works - veeeeery easy
Step 1: blogs are checked every 15 minutes and new posts are copied to our blog.
Step 2: Every hour the most recent post of our blog is sent to social networks mentioned above.
And results ... so far, so good.
Anybody can submit news to the aggregator here and, after admin approval, it will be posted.
You can suggest any blog to be added on regular basis as a comment to this post or ... anywhere.

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