09 agosto 2011

PMI-SP certification added to my CV

Yesterday, 8th Aug, I took the exam for the PMI-SP (Scheduling Professional) certification issued by PMI and I passed :)

Information of the exam that may be of your interest.
  • 170 questions, 3,5 hours.
  • There was one question with two answers exactly the same. It makes it easier because on can discard those immediately but it is the first time something like that comes across.
  • There were many questions regarding Performance Reporting and some (more than I wanted/expected) were not specifically mentioned in the preparation material.
  • I found some (3 or 4) mistakenly phrased questions. One was asking for techniques while all the possible answers were processes and other one was stating "project management plan" when it was actually meaning "project schedule".
  • Earn Value Management and Network scheduling questions were not too complicated. Easy calculations, doable only understanding the concepts. Abbreviations BCWS, BCWP and ACWP were key in a couple of questions
  • One always finds surprising questions like asking for the "typical" monthly meetings ... well, the only monthly even I have managed in my projects was the payroll / invoicing, everything else was weekly, at least.
About preparation, I took the "Preparation Course PMI-SP Exam", the archived version of it and it was fine. I even recommend the recorded version as it makes easier to follow the course, you can schedule :) breaks and sessions at your own pace. The written material, which includes "Practice Standard for Scheduling" was also sufficient.

The natural next step would be to go ahead with preparations for the PMI-RMP (Risk Management Professional) exam. But it will have to wait as I am focussed on my social media business and Bachbill. Maybe I will try to give some Project Management training.