07 septiembre 2011

New pics on moon landing conspiracy theory

Interesting subject. We all have talked at some point about it.
Did they really land on the moon?
If so, what was the point?
Only politics or something else?
Why did not they come back?
Did they not find what they were searching for?
If so, what was that?
Relax, it is Apollo 11 crew during training exercise
Well, there is not much to add from my side to the Wikipedia article about the conspiracy theories.
though Armstrong's camera moved between exposures, the flag is not waving  
Today, via @luisete, I came across some new NASA pictures trying to show footprints and tracks left on moon's surface during landing back in 1969.

As I am not an expert on GIMP nor Photoshop so I will not judge on how easy or difficult would be to trick those pictures.

Find here the original article from NASA

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