07 diciembre 2011

Something is rotten in Frankfurt when it comes to hotel parking place

Two examples of quite unfriendly and unprofessional manners in two hotels in Frankfurt.
Book there at your own risk.

Hotel Diplomat
Ostendstr. 24-26
Zentrum-Altstadt Frankfurt am Main
60314  Germany

Wednesday 7th December, 22:00
I booked a hotel room at the hotel mentioned above and requested a parking place.
Around 18:00, I called them to make sure the parking place will be available when I got to the hotel and they confirmed both the hotel room and the parking place.
I got to the hotel about 10pm, asked for the parking place and they said there was none available.
I asked why and the guy at the reception said, with rude manners, he could not keep control of everybody who parks there.
As I booked that hotel basically because of the parking, I said, "Maybe I will not take the hotel room". The guy: "up to you"
As I gave my credit card details to booking.com, I asked the receptionist "how can I make sure you will not charge my credit card as a no-show" he says "we will not do it" and I reply "but you also said I will have a parking place and I do not have it, could I please have something in written from you saying you will charge not me" and he replied looking down to his notebook and in a quite unfriendly way "no, I will not give you anything in written".

Hotel Luxor (claiming to be Friendly Hotel in Frankfurt on their website)
Allerheiligentor 2-4
60311 Frankfurt am Main

Wednesday 7th December, 22:30 - on the phone
- Is there any room available for tonight? Do you have parking in the hotel?
- Yes and yes
- Is there a parking place available for me?
- I do not know
- What do you mean by you do not know?
- I do not see the parking from here and I can not control everybody who parks over there.
- So what does it work then?
- You drive your car to the underground parking, you try to find a place available, if you find one, bingo, you park it.
- And what if there is none?
-   will park it on the street
As I did not get it, I asked: "sorry, you said you will park it for me on the street or should I do it by myself ?"
- Do you have driving license?
- Yes
- Well, you can park it by yourself. Why should I drive your car for you?